Tantalising Tie ‘n Tease Massage In London

The tantalising tie and tease massage is one of the most erotic experiences you’ll have in your life.

It is for those who love pure sensuality, that slowly builds, extending the pleasure.

Tie and tease massage in London can be done by a professional or with your partner.

Both are intimate, tortuously satisfying, the height of erotic massage.

What is a Tie ‘n Tease Massage?

Tie and tease refers to a practice where you’re tied up and blindfolded, then brought close to the edge, before being brought back, so that she can start getting you worked up once again.

What happens in the session?

The masseuse ties you up and proceeds to tease you, whispering in your ears, tickling you, flicking your nipples.

She gradually increases her pressure, touching you with less subtlety, providing consistently more pleasure.

If you seem to be going too far, she lets you lie untouched for a few minutes, before continuing to apply the same techniques.

The tie and tease massage is perfect preparation for a full body to body massage.

It puts you to a mind space in which you’re not simply hoping to get basic, straight-up pleasure, but are ready to take it slowly.

Your body is more sensitive to the touch, and it will appreciate the nuances in the body to body massage. Your senses will be switched on and attuned to all things sensual.

Instead of having a regular erotic experience underneath a woman’s body. 

Her touch will bring you bliss, and you’ll be aware as your needs are satisfied and your mind and body are left feeling totally renewed.

Tie ‘n Tease Massage Techniques to Use on Your Partner

Tie and tease is a great massage to try with your partner, as it is a process in which each of you will find your own kind of pleasure.

It is unlike normal massages, which are focused mainly on one person’s satisfaction, while the other gets the satisfaction of providing pleasure.

Rather, the one person has a deep sensual experience while their partner has the erotic satisfaction of being in charge.

They get to take control, giving and withholding pleasure as they see fit. This is a particular fantasy of many men and women.

Try some of the following techniques.

  • Use toys or items with a particular feel. For example, tickle his ear with a feather or rub an ice cube against his skin.

  • Move from one spot to another, without saying where you’re going to touch next. This heightens the anticipation.

  • Occasionally use your nails to gently scratch the skin. Apply a little more pressure if they like it. You can also pinch them or tickle them.

  • Engage as many senses as you can. Use scented candles or creams with a pleasant smell. Whisper in their ears, letting your breath tickle them. Look up ASMR videos on YouTube and see if either of you are turned on by them.