In order to get the best possible experience and pleasurable time from your booking please read and adhere to the following terms.

Legalities – 

You must be over the 18 years of age to make a booking. If the masseuse feels you under the age of 18 years you will be asked to show some official ID such as a passport or driver’s licence, failure to do soe could be your booking being cancelled.

We are not an escort agency and soliciting is strictly forbidden.

We do not accept bookings from anyone under the influence of drugs.

Appointments – 

If you are booking an incall appointment we will require you name and mobile phone number.

For outcall bookings to your hotel we will require the hotel name, the name you booked under, room number, hotel address including the postcode.

For outcall bookings to your private residence  we will require your name, mobile number and street address including the postcode.

Please make the booking directly yourself, we do not accept bookings from third parties unless they have a disability or a language barrier.

Booking Fees – 

Please confirm the correct fee with the receptionist when you make a booking. Please give the masseuse the correct amount as the masseuse will not have any cash on their premises.

Please pay fee inside the first five minutes of meeting your masseuse.

Punctuality – 

Please make sure you arrive for your appointment on time. If you arrive late we can guarantee the masseuse will be able add that extra time onto the appointment.

Cancellation – 

We understand things come up and a cancellation needs to be made. However please make sure you provide us with as much notice as possible if you do cancel your booking.

If you cancel your appointment after your masseuse has already arrived you will be asked to pay a cancellation fee, please ask the receptionist more details about this.

Respect – 

Please be respectful towards your masseuse at all times. Please do not be rude, cause offence or haggle over things like the price.

If you have any complaint to make about your booking please contact us.