Shared Shower Followed by Sensual Massage In London

Save Water and Have Fun Too…

Every one of our massage therapies begins with a shared shower.

You might want to jump right in because your piece of heaven-on-earth is so tempting, but hold on!

Here are the reasons why a shared sensual shower is the ultimate way to begin a London erotic massage.

Get Clean and Refreshed

After a hard day there’s nothing like a warm shower to awaken your senses and refresh your tired body, particularly in the smoke of London.

It’s worth taking the time to shower so your skin and nerve endings are revitalised and tingling with pleasure.

It Sets The Scene

Perhaps you are shy, or need some time to wind down before you’re able to enjoy sensual massage.

A soothing warm shower allows you to get undressed and relax in your own time without pressure.

All athletes need a warm up session!

Shared showers get you in the right mood for pleasure.

Perfect Foreplay

And speaking of pleasure, a shared sensual shower is an ultimate form of foreplay. Soapy suds make every touch slippery and exciting.

Being soaped down in warm water stimulates every inch of your body and makes your chosen therapy feel even better.

Prolonging the pleasure often means a more intense ending too.  

You Get A Glimpse of Soapy Massage

Perhaps you’re interested in other tantric therapies, but don’t know where to start?

A shared shower gives you a peep into the pleasures of the soapy aqua massage in London.

It’s a small teaser of the ultimate full contact erotic experience in which a therapist rubs your naked body all over with hers.

Sounds good?

It is good.

A sensual shared shower is tiny taster of that particular pleasure.

It Keeps Your Skin Healthy

Giving your skin a good rub down sloughs off dead skin cells and rejuvenates the skin’s surface.

A shared shower gives your therapist a chance to rub down your hard to reach back and buttocks to get your skin glowing.   

A sensual shared shower is also great for the mind because the warm water and her warm body melt away your tensions, allowing you to escape the world and fully appreciate the pleasures to come.

It’s Good Etiquette

You want your therapist to enjoy her time with you, so it’s simply good manners to ensure you’re sparkling clean before she pleasures you.

Your masseuse makes it easy by doing all the hard work herself – all you have to do is enjoy the soapy sensations and soft fluffy towels when it’s time to get out.

Mutual Touching

Many clients like to touch their massage therapist’s body, and there’s no better place to do this than in a warm stimulating shower where you are naturally pressed together.

You can soap each other clean, paying attention to every curve and crevice.

Who wouldn’t want to share a warm shower with a beautiful woman?

It’s so much more fun with two.

Shared sensual showers are all part of the tantric experience, so embrace them with open arms and indulge in the soapy pleasures a talented erotic massage girl in London can bring.

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