The Importance Of Seduction In Massage

The art of seduction is the language of attraction and desire. The sensual form of communication requires mastery of a combination of crucial skills.

A masseuse who understands the importance of seduction will expertly guide you and teach you all that you need to know.

The Right Moves

Women are attracted to a man who demonstrates natural confidence. Seduction involves confidently using your flirting skills in a discreet way.

 Eye Contact –


The ability to maintain direct eye contact with a beautiful masseuse shows you how easy it can be to build rapport and a connection. Communicating via the eyes requires no speech but clearly gets your intention across.

 Personality –

To master seduction it’s important to be yourself. Your personality has to work to your advantage. Your personality, communication skills and flirting techniques all come together to enable you to be open and intimate with someone.

The Expectation

Seduction is all about the excitement, anticipation and the letting go. To master the art of seduction you need to be aware of the natural ebb and flow. For successful seduction a woman needs to feel comfortable, and excited.

 Excitement –

This involves stimulation, arousal, escalation and gradually pushing things forward. This is the flow.

• Comfort –

On the ebb is de-escalation and a pause in stimulation, the building of trust and the pulling back.

Achieving a balance between the two allows the energy between two people to swing back and forth. This allows the excitement, anticipation and expectation to build and intensify.

As the seduction continues to proceed, you get closer to the culmination of physical intimacy.