Erotic Massage With Oral in London

Oral + Sensual Massage = Explosion

Do you know why having oral at the end of a sensual massage can create intense orgasmic vibrations?

Oral sex is one of life’s finer pleasures when it’s done well.

Both men and women enjoy having attention lavished upon them in intimate areas, and the best oral comes after a full body massage – in fact it can cause the most intense orgasmic experience.

Want to know why?

Because of these three things…


Tantric experiences should begin with a shared shower. This makes the massage more pleasurable because you are squeaky clean, warmed up and already feeling sensual.

A deep tissue tantric massage, which pays attention to every aspect of your body, leaves you wanting more – and the more you want it the better it feels.

Tantric connoisseurs know that anticipation can make a big difference to the intensity of ultimate pleasure. It’s all about holding back. Good things come to those who wait.


A full body massage is the best kind of foreplay you can experience. The natural reaction to soft, warm touch is skin that tingles with pleasure.

When muscles and skin are rubbed, soothed and pampered the body responds with a release of endorphin’s. These ‘feel good’ hormones help us feel relaxed, melting away tensions and anxieties.

When this is coupled with oral pleasure your well-prepared body fizzles and produces orgasmic bliss that vibrates every inch of your mind and body.


Men and women who struggle with sexual arousal can find that oral at the end of a massage is less stressful than other types of release.

Oral pleasure can help you identify your sexual orientations or preferences without pressure to perform, just relax and accept the pleasure.

This feeling of freedom can lead to orgasmic bliss as your worries are truly put to one side.

Once you are relaxed, and able to properly appreciate your tingling body and aroused nerve-endings, oral techniques takes you that step further – into a state of bliss many people can only dream about.

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Techniques a Therapist Will Use

Tantric experiences begin with a shared sensual shower and massage. This de-stresses the body and mind allowing you to experience ultimate pleasures.

A therapist sensually arouses your whole body with expert tantric massage techniques beginning with your neck and shoulders, melting away the stress and tensions caused from sitting at a screen all day.

She will move onto your arms, back and legs, rubbing away your cares before moving onto your buttocks.

You’ll be asked to turn over and the massage will continue on your chest and stomach, and then your thighs and more intimate areas.

This naturally progresses onto warm tantric oral techniques that will leave every inch of you tingling with ultimate orgasmic pleasure.

There is no finer way to enjoy a tantric massage than ending with oral. It leads to orgasmic pleasure of explosive proportions.

It’s truly something special that every stressed, tense and anxious man or woman should experience in the hands of a sweet and talented tantric lady.


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