Erotic Slippery Massage in London

A steamy nuru massage is a full on body to body massage done with nuru gel, a slippery substance made from seaweed.

It’s a very unique therapy which only a few in London are qualified and experience enough to do.

We are experts in Japanese style nuru massage.

We will make sure you are fully relaxed and will gently pull you into world of pleasure that will blow more than just your mind.

Article updated March 2018

What to expect from our Japanese style nuru massage in London.

Our sessions can be divided into three steps, which are – 

  • Preparation
  • The Main Event
  • Warm Down

Let us walk you through each step…


Step 1 – Preparation

When you arrive at your masseuses place, you will be welcomed into her studio and offered refreshments.

If you have any questions about the massage this is the best time to ask.

Please also make payment to masseuse at this point too.

The masseuse will then help you undress and guide you into the shower. The masseuse will join you in the shower.

She will scrub your body clean using fragrant shower gel and a soft sponge. This will feel fantastic and is the best possible way to start your session.

Once the shower is over the masseuse will guide you to her bed.

Your body will remain wet, but don’t worry it won’t be cold as the massage room is will be set at a warm but comfortable temperature.

The three main things used for a nuru massage are – 

  • Water
  • Nuru Gel
  • Plastic Sheet (this covers the bed).
  • Sexy Woman

This is when we move into the second step.

Step 2 – The Main Event aka The Nuru Massage

You will be asked to lay down on the plastic sheet, on your front side. The masseuse then erotically applies the gel to both your body and hers.

At first the masseuse will use various regular deep tissue massage techniques to warm the body and relax the muscles.

Slowly the session will become more erotic, and will eventually move into a full intimate b2b session.

There will lots of sensual touching, caressing of every part of your body, and lots of cc swipes.

Various body to body movements are used in traditional Japanese style nuru massage including the scissor swipe.

The scissor swipe is where the masseuses uses her legs like a pair of scissors and massages your whole body.

The smooth skin of a beautiful female with nuru gel massing your skin feels unbelievably good.

The last 20 minutes of the massage focuses on your genitals for the ultimate lingam massage London style. 


Step 3 – Warm Down

This step is basically winding down from the session and the intense ending that you would have just received.

Some masseuses will assist with this by giving you a gentle head massage.

At this point you may feel a like you are in some kind of warm hazy state, this is perfectly normal.

After five or ten minutes you will start to feel very mellow.

You will be invited back to the shower where you can have a nice wash.

View our gorgeous nuru masseuses…

Reasons why you should see us for a slippery Japanese nuru massage in London.

We encourage you to live life to the full and immerse your self in a sensational and truly blissful meeting.

You may have seen nuru massage movies, now it’s time to try the real thing.


Ok sounds great, how do I prepare, and what should I bring?

You really do not need to prepare, just give us a call to arrange a time and date that suites you.

We are very calm and relaxing girls, and love to introduce newbies to the world of sensual massage in London. 

You do not need to bring anything apart from yourself. We have clean towels, refreshments and superb showering facilities.

If you are nervous or have any questions before the massage begins feel free to ask your masseuse.