Escort or Massage – Which Option Should You Choose?

If you’re in the mood for spending time with a beautiful girl, you might be wondering what options you have.

You’ve probably heard about hiring an escort or massage in London. Both involve quality erotic time with a girl whose looks alone will turn you on.

But what is the difference? And which is right for you this time?

What is the difference between seeing an escort or getting an erotic massage?

Escorts and masseuses are not entirely mutually exclusive.

You can get massages from escorts and your masseuse might do something for you that escorts usually do.

But essentially, the differences are:

Masseuses offer an erotic massage body to body massage. That is their mandate and their focus.

You just lie back and let the masseuse do her job. The massage will lead to an orgasm, but that is not its sole purpose.

The intensity of the massage itself will lead to a particularly powerful orgasm, which you would not necessarily achieve during a session of sex or masturbation.

A London escort, on the other hand, provide many more services than a masseuse, such as dinner dates, then going back to your place and giving you a full sexual experience.

This is sometimes called a girlfriend experience (GFE). She won’t simply sleep with you, but will be sensual, kiss you, and do everything a girlfriend would.

Which one should you choose?

Escorts and masseuses serve different purposes. Your choice will depend on what your needs are right now.

If you want to lie back and relax, then a masseuse is right for you.

She can also help you achieve a powerful orgasm that you would not achieve alone or even with an escort.

That is because the focus is solely on your pleasure.

You can also see a masseuse if:

  • your body is tired and you want renewed energy

  • you want to feel the touch of a beautiful girl

  • you want to learn new techniques to try with your partner

If, however, you want companionship, or a session that involves give-and-take and not just passive pleasure, an escort is perfect.

You will be left satisfied, but you’ll also feel like you’ve shared something.

You can also see an escort in London if:

  • you want good conversation with a charming young lady

  • you want arm-candy on a night out

  • you’re looking for sexual pleasure in the comfort of your own home